Another New Gym? Who Cares?

Another New Gym?

Your tour guide leads you through the locker rooms. You think to yourself, These locker rooms are way nicer than my current gym. And the showers are perfect for getting ready after an early morning workout before heading to the office. Your brain continues to buzz with the thoughts of the exercises, classes, yoga and more that you are going to crush at this new and exciting gym. You continue your fifteen-minute tour even though you already knew five minutes in you were going to join this new gym. You’ve been looking for an excuse to leave the other gym that you stopped going to three months in. This new gym is perfect! This is the gym that’s going to get you off the couch and into the weight room. The other three gyms you signed up for over the last year and a half weren’t nearly as good as this one. But this gym? This gym is perfect! 

Yep. It’s Official. Another New Gym.

Photo Credit: Danielle Cerullo at Unsplash

You know deep in your heart that it’s not the gym that is keeping your from exercise. Don’t worry. I’m not here to judge you. So many of us have been there for the excitement (and guilt) of another new gym–the thought that this gym is the one to make us break old habits. Underneath the excitement is a little self doubt. Am I going to do the same thing with this gym that I’ve done for the last three–attend for a couple months then go gym hunting again? I ask you, so what?

Keep doing it… but also figure out what motivates you.

Here’s the way I see it. Your health is the most important thing in your life. You can’t enjoy anything if you aren’t in some form of good health. As long as it’s not breaking the bank for you in the way of initiation fees or monthly dues, keep finding the shiny new gym! If buying yet another gym membership makes you happy and gets you actually going to the gym for two or three months, which is the original purpose, I say do it. Over and over.

Additionally, you never know what you may find at a new gym that will motivate you to continue going even when the novelty of it has worn off. Maybe you find a group fitness class that makes you feel amazing. Maybe it has that sauna that just melts away your troubles after a long day of work. Maybe your best bud goes to this gym, and you finally have an accountability partner.

Damn the guilt and the haters. Keep buying those gym memberships until you find the right fit for you.

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