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Happiness Must Be Sought After

Aristotle wrote: Happiness is a state of activity. This reminds us that we can’t wait around for happiness to come find us; we must be active in the search for happiness. We need to make choices, set goals, and plan an attack for achieving those goals.

It seems that so many people these days are unhappy, especially with the pandemic. Turn on the news and see a world of negative images. You can find article after article on the internet about ways to find happiness. There is a self-help section in the bookstore that has dozens of books related to finding happiness. Finding is the key word here. Happiness doesn’t come knocking on your door. Amazon doesn’t deliver it to your doorstep with free two-day shipping. And it doesn’t come in the mail. You have the power to determine what makes you happy and what you have to do in order to achieve that happiness.5

Happiness has to be a state of activity because you must plan for it. You must seek it. Your ability to be happy is all up to your willingness to put forth the effort to find what makes you happy and work towards it. Don’t be afraid. Be excited.

5 Ways to Find Happiness

  1. Focus on the positive. When you focus on the positive, it’s really hard not to be happy. If you choose to do this in the morning, you set your brain up for success.
  2. Make time for what you love. Life is way too short to spend time constantly working or running yourself ragged with to-do lists that don’t bring an ounce of joy.
  3. Stick to you values. There is something to be said for living a life of integrity.
  4. Find your purpose in life. Do the activities that give your life meaning.
  5. Challenge yourself. Many people define themselves by the challenges they have overcome, making them a huge part of who you are as a person. When you don’t challenge yourself, you can become stagnant and bored.

Give one (or all) of these a shot.

So what makes you happy? And how are you going to achieve your happiness?


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